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Website Maintenance

Launching of your website is not the end of the process, it is just the beginning. Just like your constant efforts to upgrade your product or service to match the trends of the market, you are required to update your web site to capture attention & interest of your prospective customers. All the commercial web sites are required to be continuously monitored. Search engines keep adding, deleting, re-position & re-indexing web sites as a regular practice. Starting of new engines, closer of old ones, mergers etc, also is a common feature now days.

It is neither possible for commercial organizations to devote so much time for constant monitoring & upgrading their web site, nor do they have the necessary expertise to carryout the web site maintenance & achieve accurate search engine analysis. TPTech offers quick and easy web site maintenance by sharp-eyed professionals.

A website that is kept up will keep buyers coming back.
TPTech’s Web site maintenance plans include:
Testing after every edit
Latest full Backup copy of your website
Monthly, detailed invoicing
Friendly, personal service!